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               Phoenix Commandery No. 3




Sir Knights, This being my last article as Eminent Commander, I want to thank all of you for allowing me to serve as Eminent Commander.  To my officers, I congratulate you on your ritual work and efforts that has been made this a wonderful year.  I want to thank Sir Knight John Ruth our  recorder for a fine job.  I know personally there are a lot of details to manage in his job.  I also want to thank Sir Knight Rick Driver for his help in educating us at our last stated meeting.  Rick always seems available to help when called upon.   

Our election of officers was held at our May 10th unified session. Congratulations to our Eminent Commander-elect, Sir Knight William L Champion.  Our Installation of officers will be held next Monday at 6:45 PM at the Phoenix Masonic Temple.  Please try to attend and support our new officers.                                                                                                        Sir Knight Champion needs our prayers for a speedy recovery from the stroke he had on April 30th.  He will be officially installed Commander at the Sun City Rehab Center.                                                                                Mark your calendar for Ascension Sunday services.  All Sir Knights are welcome but it is very important that the officers attend to make a great showing at the service.  The service will be held 9:00 AM at the All Saints Lutheran Church15649 N 7th St. No Swords please!  Let’s meet at the church about 8:45 AM.  Class A (winter) uniform is the dress of the day.  Another important function to attend will be on Memorial Day on Monday May 31st at 9:30 AM at the Pioneer & Memorial Park located at 14th avenue and Jefferson.  Summer uniform is acceptable.                           And finally, the York Rite Grand Sessions will be held in Tucson, Arizona On August 18th – August 21st. at the Doubletree located at 445 S Alvernon A great time to talk to old friends and meet new ones.  We have under construction a Web page for the Phoenix York Rite Bodies. Please sign on the Internet and, take a look and e-mail any comments or suggestions to me.  There is a lot of work to do to complete it and your comments will be appreciated.  The Phoenix York Rite Web page is located at  When you visit our home at the Phoenix Masonic Temple, take a look at the new chairs in the dining room.  They cost $100. each and we would appreciate any donations to help us purchase more of them.  Send any donations to Paul Dore 345 W Monroe St. Phoenix, Arizona 85003.  Gold plates with your name will be added to our Plaque located in the dining room for all that purchase at least one chair.  Thanks in advance for you contributions.


Paul J Dore

Eminent Commander 

2003 – 2004

Eminent Commander         1

Calendar of Events             2

New officers                       2

Chapter message                 3



We are replacing the chairs in the dining room, with padded armchairs.  We are accepting donations of $100 if you are interested.

We are in the process of doing Landscaping, we could use strong backs and arms call 602-258-5466

Bill Champion had a stroke and is on the mend at Sun City Rehab. Center. He could use a card 11201 N Coggins Rd. Sun City 85351



Reach out and help someone.  We can all make a better World together



Please mark you calendar:


Installation  5-17-04  Monday 6:45 PM

Ascension Sunday  5-23-04  9 AM

Memorial Day Services  5-31-04  9 AM

Grand Sessions  August 18 –21st  Tucson




High Priest                    Dan Criswell                 602-997-2498   

King                             John McNutt-Bessler    623-694-4704   

Scribe                          William Champion          623-972-0736   

Treasurer                      Charles J Shoup Jr.       602-267-7075   

Secretary                      John P Ruth Jr.             602-647-9359   

Capt. Of Host              Joe Zito                          256-683-3605   

Prin. Sojourner             Ed Mays                       623-544-2740                      

R. Arch Captain           Ken Fitschen                602-863-6805   

3rd Veil                        Kendell Kistler                623-435-0732            

2nd Veil                        James B Rolle                 602-840-5565   

1st Veil                         Tom Rogers                    602-677-3730            

Chaplain                       Bruce Johnson              480-969-3727   



Ill. Master                     Bill Garrard                     602-866-8204   

Dep. Master                 Bill Champion                623-972-0736   

P.C.W                         Dan Criswell                     602-997-0736   

Treasurer                      Charles J Shoup Jr.       602-267-7075   

Recorder                      John P Ruth Jr.               602-647-9359   

Capt. Guard                 John McNutt-Bessler    623-694-4704   

Cond.  Council             Ken Fitschen                602-863-6805   

Steward                       Ed Mays                          623-544-2740

Chaplain                       Bruce Johnson              480-969-3727   

Sentinel                        Tom Rogers                    602-677-3730


Commander                 Bill Champion               623-972-0736   

Generalissimo               Bill Garrard                  602-866-8204   

Capt. Gen.                   Michael Deapen           623-878-0660   

SW                              C.J. Smith Jr.                   602-264-2539            

JW                               Dan Criswell                   602-997-0736   

Treasurer                      Charles J Shoup Jr.      602-267-7075   

 Recorder                     John P Ruth Jr.              602-647-9359   

Std. Bearer                   John McNutt-Bessler   623-694-4704   

Warder                        James B. Rolle III           602-840-5565   

Sword Bearer               Tom Rogers                  602-677-3730

Prelate                          Bruce Johnson              480-969-3727   

Sentinel                        Ed Mays                         623-544-2740



Arizona Chapter #1 Royal Arch Masons



I want to thank the members of Arizona Chapter No.1 for the trust they have given me by electing me High Priest.  I will endeavor to do the best possible job to earn the respect of my Companions.  We together will move forward enriching the lives of Masons with the tenants and beliefs of the Royal Arch.  Let all of us spread the wonderful teachings of York Rite to all of the Masons in Blue Lodge.


Dan Criswell  High Priest -elect





Companions, I greet you as your newly elected Illustrious Master for the ensuing cryptic year.  Your faith in me gives me added determination to accomplish our goals and it also humbles me in an honorable way.  At our May stated meeting you elected the following officers to serve this Council in the New Year.


            Illustrious Master                      Bill Garrard

            Deputy Master                         Bill Champion

            Prin. Cond. Of Work                Dan Criswel

            Treasurer                                  Charles J Shoup Jr.

            Recorder                                  John P Ruth Jr.


I will confirm the appointment of all the other Council Officers in the next few days.  Our installation ceremonies are scheduled for Monday, May 17th at 6:45 PM, to be held in the Red Room at the Temple.  Please mark your calendars and join us in this momentous occasion.

My message to you this month is tat we are all special.  We are special in the sense that we are (each of us) God’s own children, and special because we belong to the Masonic fraternity, which is founded on integrity, charity and unity with all mankind.  We should practice each of these virtues every day. We are even more special by virtue of the fact that we are also members of a higher order, ones who have taken more solemn vows to continue the good work of those who have gone this way before us.  We live in the most wonderful country on the face of the earth.  We have tremendous opportunities that lie before us.  Now is the time to be thankful for all of theses blessings and to rededicate ourselves to our very special fraternity.

I look forward to serving you in the coming months.  I will call on each of you to join in our efforts to continue to do good work.  Mark your calendars and join us for our regularly stated meetings next month, June 14th.


Bill Garrard