S.Barry Casey/George Roskruge Memorial Library and Museum, Grand Lodge of Arizona

The Grand Lodge of Arizona Library is located on the second floor of the Phoenix Masonic Temple, 345 W. Monroe


The Grand Lodge of Arizona established a Masonic library in 1882, with the formation of the Grand Lodge. However little was done with it until 1986, when Brother Rex Wylie classified and cataloged the materials according to the Grand Lodge of Iowa Library system. Brother Wylie left the state in 1988, and again the Library was not too well taken care of. In 1998, the Library was cleaned up and the classification of all materials revised, and a computer database was set up.

In 2001, the Library was removed from direct Grand Lodge control and a separate foundation was set up for its administration, the George Roskruge/S. Barry Casey Memorial Library and Museum Foundation, honoring George Roskruge, the first Grand Secretary and an early Grand Master of Arizona, and S. Barry Casey, a prominent SGIG in the Scottish Rite as well as a Past Grand Master. At the same time, Grand Lodge vacated the offices of which the Library had been a part, for new offices on the fourth floor of the Phoenix Masonic Temple, and most of the office space was turned over to the Library. It continues to be a valuable educational asset to the Masons of Arizona.

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